COVID-19 Weekly Shop Service

Arthur David, a family-owned business, have kindly agreed to support us and our local community and will be offering us a weekly delivery which we will pick and pack ready for you to collect from the pub on Friday afternoons. Whilst Arthur David are geared up for servicing catering, not retail, establishments, we have picked out a substantial range of products that can be bought in sensible quantities and formats. We will try and add to the products on offer as we move forwards.

We are not looking to profit from this service, only applying a small margin to cover our costs.

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How to order:

The shop itself is fairly self-explanatory. Fill your basket, go to checkout. Upon checkout, you will be required to register an account for your first shop. We will prepare your order, ready for collection on Fridays.

Fresh veg and off list requirements:

For products that we cannot list, such as fresh fruit and veg, please use the “Notes” box at the checkout stage to type in your requirements. Please ensure that you clearly state the product, size and quantity required.

Market prices:

For some products such as dairy and fresh veg, prices fluctuate on a daily basis. For listed products where this applies, we have listed a guide price which is subject to change. We will make you aware of this in the product description.


Products in the “From Our Kitchen” category need to be ordered by 6pm on Tuesdays so as to allow us to order what is required and produce the items in time. All other products need to be ordered by 10am on Thursdays. Please note that we will be unable to extend these deadlines as our supplier has strict cut off times for certain products and we need to keep everything as simple as possible.

Please note You can place multiple orders, i.e. you can order items in the “from our kitchen” category on Tuesdays and then place another order for groceries by Thursday.

Invoicing and payments:

Off list items:: As we can not list items such as fruit and veg, we will process orders that have been requested by you in the notes section as an additional order. You will not need to do anything as we are able to process and take payment for you. Please note that we will be unable to inform you of the prices and will invoice you at market price, plus our small margin once we have received the delivery and accurate prices.

Market Priced Items:: Items that have a daily market price and have been listed with a guide price, may require us to raise an additional order or credit note for the price difference. This will work in the same way as the fresh fruit and veg above.


Our shop is powered by a new piece of software which is still in pre-release stage. If you spot any bugs or issues, please drop us an email to

If you know anyone that does not have the internet or may struggle to use our online shop, please inform them that they can order from a printed form that we can provide on request and we can take payment over the phone. Please tell them to call us for more info.